We know that parents love their children and want nothing more for them than a happy and healthy life. There are various reasons why it is made almost impossible for parents today to optimally accompany their children:

– Misinformation on child health and development

– Parents are strongly influenced by their own history and are often stuck in patterns

– Everyday stress affects their relationship with their child and thus the child’s self-image

– lack of support from the village that is meant to raise a child

We believe that many parents are not aware that they are restricting their children’s psychological and physical development. This can lead to child health problems that make life difficult for them in the long run. With our holistic care concept, we would like to train parents to be competent companions of their children and not only help them free their children from the straitjacket of their false expectations, but also to find more calmness and security themselves.

We believe that family life is at the center of a childs‘ holistic health.